PF Flyers Celebrates 80th Anniversary

At the dawn of the last century, inventor and tire manufacturing giant BF Goodrich turned his sights on the footwear industry, creating several lines of vulcanized athletic shoes with the excess tire rubber his company was producing. By 1933 business was growing, when Goodrich associate, Hyman L. Whitman, patented the Posture Foundation insole—forever changing the sneaker landscape. Utilizing Whitman’s revolutionary comfort technology, BF Goodrich founded PF Flyers in 1937. Remaining true to this original vision and a rich heritage of comfort and classic American style, PF is proud to celebrate its 80th anniversary this year.

To celebrate 80 years of comfort, quality, and style, PF Flyers has partnered with Brand Historian Alyasha Owerka Moore and Open-End Agency to take a look through the brand’s rich archives. In addition to a look through the past eighty years, PF Flyers is also looking to the future with the release of the brand’s newest silhouette the All-American and a four-part video series titled The All-American Roadster. This series featuring Mason Dyer of Dyer Brand and directed by Connor Z. Wyse chronicles the making and eventual racing of the first PF Flyers All-American Roadster. The first video in the series can be viewed HERE.