Paul Smith SS15 @ Paris Fashion Week: Men

Paul Smith – Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Paris (with interview)

Paul Smith scatters plants everywhere on stage as well as in his collection…just to simply put a little green into everyone’s life. Paul Smith strews Paris’ Bourse du Commerce with plants, putting a little green into everyone’s life. This is echoed in the wardrobe by lots of fluidity and suppleness, in the baggy trousers, the light jackets worn like shirts and the tunic blouses which can all just be slipped on. We of course even find some tropical plants too, such as lady-birds and bananas printed on jumpers, sweat-shirts and accessories. Leather fringes appear on some pieces or around the neck. Tones of blue run the show, and Paul also adds stripes that form a gradual shading of colours on t-shirts, shirts and lightly stitched jumpers. Sportswear appears in the collection with jogging bottoms and sweatshirts with zips on the side. An easy-to-wear wardrobe with good vibes, and just one word to conclude, ‘yeah,’ exactly likes the last t-shirt that closed the show. interview : Paul Smith : This is the invitation, so you get a friendship bracelet, it’s about friendship and touching, doing normal things like growing plants, growing vegetables. There are so many wars and horrible things going on in the world, I think everybody just needs to calm down. The collection’s very relaxed, you know, it’s about rolling the sleeves and wearing things in a very relaxed way, of course still with some nice colour. There are sort of kitsch prints, sort of fun. These are all the plants and the ladybirds, and then some pop-art feeling. A lot of my customers are artists, musicians and then graphic designers so it’s a very sort of artistic collection and that’s why it’s quite laid-back. It’s very big, with big shapes. It’s a big group of blue. There was one beautiful painting by Picasso during his blue period that had like six or seven blues in one painting, and I love that. A lot of my young staff in their studios they have plants on the windowsill. A lot of them are baking bread, and a lot of them have vegetables in their garden, it’s really nice. And it’s nice to see that that’s happening again.

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