For his 2015 Autumn/Winter collection, Roland Mouret demonstrates a delicate balance between the sensual silhouette of a woman with the austerity of cold weather dressing. Each piece is designed to be indispensable in the wardrobe of the Roland Mouret woman and plays with the juxtaposition of fluidity and structure.

At the heart of the collection are rich fabrics and colour created to explore the narrative of craft, an artisanal journey of the modern voyager.

Geometric patchwork quilting references the oral storytelling tradition of nomadic cultures and the passing down of personal histories and legacies. Fitted, sheer polo necks layered subtly throughout the collection are inspired by the story of unique patterns traditionally created and bequeathed by fishermen’s wives to identify their husbands at sea, with patterns unique to each family.

Trousers, jackets and dresses derived of tapestry cotton viscose add to Mouret’s central motif of the “evolution of texture”, alongside flocked basketweave asymmetrical skirts, tailored coats and shawl tops.

Mouret injects his signature use of colour therapy with a palette of Persian green and Mandarin orange asymmetrical skirts and dresses, dusty blue slim trousers and collared jackets, with cinnabar and oxblood red coats and long sleeved tops. The symbolism of color reinforces identity, adding depth and energy to the collection.

Mini dresses and cropped jackets are toughened by use of exposed zippers, D-rings and leather detailing. In true contrast, movement is crucial to Mouret’s aesthetic, which is shown in subtle swinging of hemlines and flowing capes. A confident attitude is brought to the collection with leather ankle boots featuring toe to ankle gold zips and iconic Classico handbags.

This collection marries the mystique of femininity with the Winter season, armoring the body with an empowering, yet effortless wardrobe for the modern woman.