Photos courtesy of brand

There is a unique beauty to that which cannot be articulated. When the blurring of shapes and forms creates transcendent silhouettes of sculptural purity. Clothing that has an evergreen elegance untethered from time or place. 

It is attire for an enigmatic woman. A woman who is an individual. It is this singularity about her that is what makes the Nehera woman so attractive. One such woman was the German-born American sculptor Eva Hesse. In her regrettably short life, she was at the epicenter of an anti-form sculptural movement. Her unique worldview helped inspire the fall/winter 2015 Nehera collection.

The authentic nature of this season’s ensembles got their start in the curving simplicity of the comma. In literature it is used as a punctuation “soft spot” to link new ideas with the old. In this collection its organic shape connects each silhouette and gives the clothing a structural sense of movement. 

To accentuate the focus on shapes, colors have been reduced down to understated shades of ecru, beige, blush pink, earthy browns and dove grey.  Even the most modest adornments, such as buttons, have been almost done away with, again to concentrate the eye on construction and the choice of textiles. 

The unassuming fabrics, such as washed cotton, felt and silk, circumvent any sort of association with a particular social status or category. While surface interest is generated from elastic plissé silks that give the peaceful designs an undercurrent of energy.