Photos: Filippo Fior

Ground-Zero F/W 2015 collection is to fantasize your ultimate sensation to a motorcycle racing held on an off-road runway in Paris. The signature machinery aura is slightly trimmed with a more playful tone. The irregular curs draw inspirations from motor gears in which a glam hybridization of sports-luxe spirit is manifestly accented. Shiny fabrics are retouched through the sartorial expression of patterns and prints, while capacious silhouettes feature a scent of the nostalgic 80s.

Jacquard details are extensively seen through the collection, no matter on the screenplay pullover or the jersey shift dress. The duo designers tactfully take adventures to experiment lavishing textures with athletic-influenced shapes, which not only inherits the spirit of SS 2015, but also elaborates its core thesis to another level. Vibrant colors explode through the collections with motorcross-influenced silhouettes featuring BMX lingoes on the clothes, which animate the collection with some sporty quirk. A metaphor is emerge from the classic Marlboro cigarette case, extending that fashion could be “addicted anyway”. Scribbled lettering like “Rebel Youth” or “Romance Generation” seen on sweatshirts and gloves give a nod to the designers embracing their retro romanticism.