Photos courtesy of brand

Women portrayed in Erwin Olaf’s pictures are taking on character. They tell of a non-emotion, are sophisticated, provocative and sensual. They decide to wear leather only, thus unveiling endless nuances, emotional tensions, unsaid words, mystery, suggestion, intuition. The story told by Marianna Rosati for next DROMe collection for the cold season takes a hint from these feelings impressed on a film, like tridimensional shots balanced between clamor and silence, empty and full surfaces.
As in the Dutch photographer’s pictures, the atmosphere is precise, languid and mysterious at the same time; colors are sober and defined and give a strong perception of an imminent action, where the feeling of a dead calm and a placid and tidy space is merely apparent and temporary.

A combination between order and anarchy for an essential aesthetic. Leather apparel surfaces are extremely clean and smooth, going from a constructed plongé to a very delicate and silky touch nappa leather, passing through tricolor vertical stripes made of very thin and squamous textured ayerse snakes. Light draped frills make blouses and oversize tops. The silhouette is longer and tidy, almost stiff, with breathtaking slits both in super tight round neck dresses and in maxi palazzo pants. Lines are generally minimal, enriched with kalgan or mongolia necks.
A sole geometrical micro print inspired by mid-century upholstery fabrics, going harmoniously close to maxi stripes, creates a game of textures blending together.

A technical precision for outerwear with a very light and oversize lamb hair takes turns with coats and gilets in a compact-bouclé fabric with inserts in voluminous mongolia and with mini trench coats in dyed patent leather, winking at the ’70s.
Pants are wide and voluminous, both long and short, bell-bottoms as an alternative. But always with a man cut: a gender blending with a strong touch of femininity, like Erwin Olaf’s women: always extremely sensual, but also dark and sophisticated.