Photos courtesy of brand

The shapes are pure, the samples are ergonomic, and the figures are refined: the collection is imbued in a very contemporary sportswear style.

The dress code is simplified as much as possible. The shapes are geometrical. And the fabrics are very precise: monochrome fox, patent cracked leather, brushed Lurex, viscose for winter.

Knitted pants are conceived as a second skin while remaining practical for movements thanks to some neoprene jersey (cotton on one face, wool on the other). The different prints are based on a very graphic pattern with stripes, which are disturbed, heckled, especially on the pleated garments for the evenings.

The tight belts, the earrings alongside the “trophy” necklaces, and the boots with white heel and sole give the collection modern and dynamic edges, which are key in the feminine wardrobe. The looks are tonic, statutory and comfortable. They are declined in dark hues yet very dense of burgundy, navy & green tones, with highlights of nudes.