Fee Dan has combined everything women need in their daily lives in one collection. Fee Dan, who is not afraid of colors although her graceful character, caters her collection for women who exhibit their sophisticated side with a fun side. Fee Dan harmonizes oriental breezes with clear lines and forms a modern touch with her new collection.

The young designer of the brand Fee Dan Fidan Alakbari, has come forward with her patterns yet again in the Fall/Winter 16-17 collection Oriental Breeze. The far east hand fan patterns that stand out in her designs are the key of the new collection. The main colors of the collection are bright lively colors like green, violet, and camel tones.

The Fall-Winter 2016 collection that is the savior of sophisticated women, is gathered with clear lines that form a modern design. Fee Dan for the first time for this new collection has designed fur coats were geometric designs and patterns play an important role.

About the Designer
Fidan Alakbari has studied industrial design in Azerbaijan Academy of Fine Arts and then moved to Turkey to continue her studies at Mimar Sinan University. After finishing her studies, she went on for her masters in arts at Yedi Tepe University. She, then formed her own brand Fee Dan at 2013. Fidan Alakbari, after introducing her brand in Paris and Azerbaijan decided to spread to the Turkish market. Now she continues designing new collections for her brand.

Pictures: Courtesy of Fee Dan