One of a kind, SF

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The sun beats down on quintessentially beautiful Duboce Park. It’s the Fourth of July and passersby lounge on the grass, chasing their dogs and sipping mochas as they bask in the summer sun.

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In one corner of the park, a skinny young man, wearing vintage glasses and a band tee-shirt, throws a frisbee, eagerly playing fetch with his wrinkle faced pug. At the other end, a woman with blond hair, dressed in a blue chiffon skirt and feather earrings, walks her dachshund, laughing as her puppy nips at her feet. Everyone here is smiling. Hippies, yuppies and hipsters alike enjoy the holiday breeze. They are as diverse as the Painted Ladies that line the park, yet these merrymakers share something similar. They are all dressed in something that makes them unique.

Gone are the name brands and in its place are one of a kind styles: boutique dresses, vintage boots, thrift shop glasses and locally designed earrings. Their outfits function as an extension of their personalities and an outlet for their imaginations.

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Their originality is what sets San Francisco apart from the other fashion Meccas of the world. New York can keep its black uniform and Seattle can keep its grungy flannels. San Francisco style – if thousands of outfits could be defined by only one thing – is pure creativity.

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