one body for this lifetime

by Nicole de Khors

San Francisco CA, USA

iBio life with Replete Skincare

Now that we are in the world crisis, we have the opportunity to change our habits with the support of time on our side and family to watch over each other.

The invisible world of iBio organisms has made itself very present to call for a respect of nature and its powerful connection with us. While we look the other way, it shows up as organized and resilient until we learn its weak points in the way they learned of us to survive in our modern environment and unbalanced body.

Resilience shows in the way you feel about a person having it all, knowing you are going in the right direction and having the tools and awareness to make the right decisions.

Addressing the invisible works of the world in constant expansion of your connection to who you are naturally is the way of Replete Skincare system supporting our skin as the largest organ of your body.

We need to support our body natural desire to survive by adaptation just as the virus is mutating to survive and be resilient.

This means we recognize that we are one of biological being among many others and connected to the source by our DNA code share by the plants, animals and people.

Living in harmony with our biological clock supports our body organs to keep us resilient. This matter as part of adaptation to survive and be ahead of the virus or bacteria that develops in the weakest organ of the body. The book titled Be Fabulous at Any Age has detail organ function with symptoms helping to determine if organ need help or not. The book teaches body language vocalized through emotions or pain or skin conditions. Skin is our body’s message board. That is why I focused on the sign that perfect health shows by perfect skin.

 The viruses or bacteria even parasites and cancers live by adapting to current conditions and so should we.

A fastest and most effective way to achieve resilience is not to interfere with nature and its cycles, adding support to what already is taking place. That is what I call being and living iBio way that Replete Skincare follows.

A good example is morning hours of 6-11 am are reserved by the body to detox what is accumulated from the bodywork of repair and replacement of cells. Dead cells and unused fats, proteins, gases and any synthetic chemicals including heavy metals are being pushed out through the elimination process of intestine, kidneys, lungs, skin and liver. This is the time not to disrupt the process by eating but rather support it by having liquids that aid the elimination process such as warm water with or without lemon drops, coffee, tea. But no solids as they will stop everything to digest new inputted food. Imagine bringing new food into the refrigerator that you never cleaned! I hope you get the picture

Everyone as a weak point even us, Afternoon we are most dehydrated yet most resilient to the sun rays that are most gentle for us to get needed benefits of vitamins and minerals we convert for the sunlight for metabolism and mood. Bacteria, viruses, mould, and fungus des in the sunlight as well as difficult to heal wounds. This tells us how much we need sunlight interaction to stay healthy, slim and in good spirits. Best it to take hot showers and breathe deeply the steam to open the lungs and sinuses in addition to self-care. If you have Replete Rejuvenating Mist at home take it with you everywhere you go and inhale the mist by spraying on your face to infuse the skin and the lungs with seawater particles densified to match minerals of amniotic fluid that we were created into hydrate and fortify lungs and skin.  This will keep your skin glowing fresh and your energy too. This way you know you are giving your body what it needs to repair and defend your skin with resilience. Our Circadian 365 Day Cream will increase your hydration 6000 times after 30 days of use. Replete skin system restores all skin to the normal state that is “no problem skin”, as it should be. Forget dry, oily normal is what you want and now can have with Replete Skincare System.

When we are balanced, we are resilient, the pH of our body and access to the sunlight and air is essential to the balance we need. Finding and keeping that natural balance is the key with help of iBio life and its skincare from Replete delivering food for the skin when it’s needed.

Emotional stress leads to many physical conditions that doctors gave them titles as a chronic disease for having room to treat the symptoms and not the cause of your skin conditions, which are ways your body communicates with you about its needs.  It is a nice way to save the face of the doctor, but and to rid of the problem.  Now no one is going to the emergency room to get answers unless they are dying from an accident injury, and somehow everyone gets to live another day. Turning to Replete to restore skin function is a first step to feeling good about yourself and your informed decisions. This is when understanding your body language showing up on your skin is important. Your knowing the answers gives you peace, control, and extra time for life and fun not sitting hours in the emergency room to get answers. Replete Skincare is only easy fast total self-care system you need to save time, money and have an easy day ahead looking groomed, refreshed, and energized with positive support you needed to succeed.

We only have few ways that our perfect born body brakes down from.

One the obvious are accidents with physical trauma.

Two what and when we eat.

Three what we inhale.

Four what encounters our skin.

Five emotions we experience from thoughts.

That is what we need to manage into harmony by iBio way of life.

The Fabulous at Any Age is you inside and outside visible to the world.

by Mathew Henry