At the splendid Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills which makes every guest welcome with a smile and sense of gratitude for showing up, Ohana&CO on August 23, 2018, held an event for Summer Celebration of Brands with A Mission, Representing Beauty- Lifestyle- Fashion world.

Karine Ohana and Susan Rockefeller assumbeled amazing group of leaders to share thoughts and inspire a new direction for all to embrace and influence.

From TV advertisers and multimedia executives to hands-on creators such as Anastasia of Beverly Hills and Elisabeth Thieriot of Replete Skincare, were present.

Anastasia spoke of the importance to stay connected to her clients and always bring value to them with her products. How until two years ago she was still shaping brows for her clients at her shop. How important it is to stay authentic to the brand creation and never be too far to know the effect it has on people that buy it.

Another Brand with Mission was Replete Skincare which goal is to harmonize people with nature to gain resilience for urban life demands. Elisabeth created Replete with the thought of self-care system that is portable on the plane and the beach giving a groomed look and feel without any harm to people of the environment. A system that restores skin without much time or effort.

All brand where focused on being more environmentally friendly like Frey is planting Argan tree for each sold product with its extract.

Another fabulous brand was AELLA  with form-fitting pants that feel like leggings. Great product for women that need to balance work and fitness even motherhood with style. The perfect solution to comfort for long hours at the desk, solving daily problems or simply writing creative novels.

Ohana & CO is changing the world one Brand with a Mission at a time.