Niki DeLoach

Los Angeles USA

FSHN- When did you realized your life purpose for the first time?

NDL- I was 3 years old when I felt the presence of God while at the daycare in the Church. I felt this unconditional love and warms like a blanket over my body reassuring me and I accepted that feeling as a feeling of God.

FSHN- Had any of your family members was influential of your choices in life?

NDL- At the same of three my grandmother introduced me to the movie “Singing in the Rain” and instantly I knew that being an actor was my life purpose and calling. I know now that I was correct to feel that as it is what makes me happy is when I make people feel and have them connect to their feelings in the way they would not without my performance. I like making people happy and makes me happy too.

FSHN- you mentioned starting over on your journey to Hallmark and which endings had the most impact on your overall life changes

NDL-This belief was behind “many times starting over” as the life of performer I and not as a straight line going of straight to the top. I had to fight for my carrier. Often it was a dark time. Especially under contract with Louis Lou Perlman and my Band “Incenses” which was Girl band. Perlman went to jail for pyramid scam and I was bound by his contract and could not work during that time- I lost it all. With $150 in the bank, I decided to go to Californian and attend community college. My boyfriend at the time was a member of a Boy band and shared the same fate as mine under Perlman contract. When I told him of my plan, he informed me that he will then go with me and attend law school in California. So, we went and now we are married with two children. This was the silver lining for me in all that seemed so unwanted in my life. Now, I am more open to the journey not just to the destination.

FSHN-What was your next carrier step after graduating from two your college?

NDL- I auditioned for the show North Shore and got the part just in time for writers’ strike which stopped it all in my pursuit of making it, and my self-esteem filled with doubt taking away my happiness.

FSHN- how did your escape the hold of the event?

NDL- I decided that I will be happy as me and not rely on outside forces to make me less.

I adopted great words of advice from

 Julie Elizabeth Day-“ I decided to be happy independent of my worth as an actor”

FSHN- what this enough to bring you to where you are today?

NDL- what this word did was to bring me into self-responsibility to be happy inside and take part in meditation as means to connect within myself and become spiritual in sense of lifestyle not necessarily religion as ways to feel fulfilled every day.

FSHN-How do you feel the fulfilment of your life purpose making people feel good and happy and make you feel the same, is taking care of you financially?

NDL- I feel it is not the job to move to be paid as all is open to unfold naturally. Nothing is permanent.

Last two years have sealed the deal of my purpose of life and death, by the clarity of the understanding leading to those two beliefs that came from seeing life from different places,

  1. Be the best version of myself
  2. Leave the world better than I found it

There are so many good people creating tiny and huge miracles during performance every day on TV.

I wake up every day thinking about how I can be of service to and to the challenges that bring goodness that exists in the world into life. This kind of thinking” will begin to change your life”

I believe in miracles as they have happened to me many times, and they strengthen my faith in the spiritual world and its power to make beautiful life happen.

FSHN- how would you describe your work environment at Hallmark?

NDL-Simply Kind environment that feels like home, that is taking care of me and my family in many ways. Not just financial but the attitude of kindness, respect that I bring home with me at the end workday is priceless.

FSHN- The charm, warms and faith in Niki’s heart is ever-present from an early age and is visible in her relationships with her hometown as you can see in this video filled with authentic words she speaks to us.