Nick Cannon Shows Off The Most Expensive Shoes in the World On “Complex Closets”

Complex premieres its newest a celebrity interview series, “Complex Closets,” today giving viewers an exclusive look inside the closets of some of the most fascinating pop culture figures today. Hosted by Complex’s Joe La Puma, the series expands on the “Sneaker Shopping” franchise, the most popular sneaker style series on the web. In “Complex Closets,” La Puma visits the biggest names in music, movies, sports, and more to talk about the shoes that define their style.

Nick Cannon / David Cabrera - 305.772.7543

Today’s premiere features actor and comedian Nick Cannon giving an all-access look at his expansive collection of footwear, which ranges from customized classic sneakers to a pair of bedazzled loafers currently claiming the title of the world’s most expensive shoes.

Nick Cannon / David Cabrera - 305.772.7543

On owning the most expensive shoes in the world:

“Obviously I’m an over-the-top dude, and I wanted to stunt. You win $1 million on America’s Got Talent if you win the show, so I was like, ‘Yo, I want to have a million dollars on each foot.’ It took a year and a half to make these, so I’ve been planning for so long. The goal is to sell them and donate all the proceeds to charity.”

On buying multiple pairs of Concord 11’s:

“I had to get three or four pairs, because I knew these were going to be classics.”

Nick Cannon / David Cabrera - 305.772.7543

On his Kuh-Vit custom sneakers:

“They’ll take something that’s standard and throw some high fashion on it.”

On designing a pair of exclusive Wild ‘N Out Jordan’s:

“I would ask [MJ], and he would tap me on my head and say, ‘Maybe one day.'”

“Ever since I launched Wild ’N Out, it’s been my dream to have a Wild ‘N Out Jordan.”

Photos by David Cabrera