The NAMM Show 2016 – ACPAD Feature


The 2016 NAMM Show, which is the largest trade – only event for the music products industry, took over the Anaheim convention center from Jan 21 thru 24th for 4 days to showcase new gear, share innovative ideas, panels and of course lots of schmoozing all based around the power of  bringing music to the masses.  A record number of exhibitors showcased their lines of music gear, including some of their hottest new products.  Big brands like Yamaha, Gibson, Sure, Roland, Pioneer to smaller ones featured traditional live instruments from Guitars, Keyboards, Mics, Drums to innovative new musical gadgets and learning tools continuing to push live music and helping aspiring musicians reach their dreams.  NAMM also wasn’t short on exciting new DJ gear, mixers and programs to give upcoming EDM artists and DJ’s the tools needed to become the next big electronic music star.  New music technology and innovative ideas were also a big feature at NAMM, as well as panels and one revolutionary new invention made some big waves.  Introducing – ACPAD – The World’s 1st wireless MIDI controller for acoustic guitar, which allows you to play thousands of instruments, trigger unlimited sound samples and effects, live record loops and all without ever taking your hand off your guitar.  With a successful kick-starter campaign and lots of rave reviews, ACPAD looks to be off to a great start.  I had the opportunity to speak to artist, guitar player and founder of ACPAD to find out more about this exciting new product…

FSHN Magazine: Hi Robin Sukroso nice to meet you, tell us a little about yourself?
Robin Sukroso: Hi I’m Robin Sukroso, I’m the Inventor and CEO of ACPAD Instruments and I’m a professional electronic and percussive guitarist.

FSHN: How long have you been playing guitar and how did you start?
RS: I started playing acoustic guitar, switched to electric guitar for 7 years, then back to acoustic again.  I have been playing for more then 20 years.

FSHN: Do you have a band and have you released original music?
RS: I have played in several bands. The most recent one was with Sebastian Arnold, “Arnold+Sukroso“. Otherwise, I have been performing for the last 4 years as a solo one man act. The first years only as a “Live DJ” but I also performed acoustic modified guitar in my live shows.

FSHN: Is the acoustic guitar your main instrument?
RS: Yes, but I also play piano, drums and I sing.

FSHN: You are the creative and founder of the ACPAD controller, what inspired you?
RS:  I wanted to extend the musical expression on the acoustic guitar without reducing the sound quality.  Playing drums at the same time while playing guitar is not always easy, hence I needed to add a looping system. Since I wanted to be able to also play bass, I was looking into MIDI pickups in order to create dubstep sounds on the first guitar strings.

FSHN: You must be excited about ACPAD and your videos have gotten lots of plays?
RS: Yes its all going well. Its all a challenge to form a new company from scratch without legal and business background from the start, but we have now our people who help us through this journey.

FSHN: Is the ACPAD only for acoustic guitar or also electric?
RS: As of now only for acoustic.

FSHN: How long did it take you to create the 1st ACPAD prototype?
RS: The very first was created in 2010. The current version – as seen on the video – was created 2014-2015.

FSHN: Tell us about ACPAD and how it works?
RS: I couldn’t tell it much better then it says in our Kickstarter text:

FSHN: Can anybody use the ACPAD or it just for experienced guitar players?
RS: We try to make ACPAD accessible to beginners while having no ceiling for professionals. It should be easy to get started with, hence we will deliver presets and sounds, but there shouldn’t be any limitations for professional musicians.

FSHN: Does the ACPAD effect the tone of the guitar and how bulky is it?
RS: Since ACPAD is quite thin, we tried to create it to have the least sound reduction as possible, while providing a big variety of features.

FSHN: Since the ACPAD is new will there be online lessons on how to use? 
RS: Yes, we plan to deliver ACPAD tutorials, some of them are already online on my YouTube channel, Robin Sukroso.

FSHN: You were a speaker on the NAMM technology panel, how was that?
RS: I was invited a couple of times for interviews, talks and presentation.  It was an honor to see all the interest and to share the panel stage with big companies like Yamaha and Line6.

SBP: Was this your 1st time at NAMM? 
RS: Yes 1st time. Next year its our goal to rule NAMM 🙂

FSHN: Where is ACPAD being created and where IS the main headquarters?
RS: The hardware is developed with my Indian cofounders in Mumbai, India. The main headquarters is in Berlin. That’s where the sound, marketing and business development is happening.

FSHN: Do you now consider yourself an inventor or a musician? 
RS:  Oh that’s a tough question. I can’t get rid of playing music. So yes at the moment its a big split. At the moment I see it as my duty to bring ACPAD to life for the community, as soon as everything is more sorted with the business, I’m planning to be more in the field of music and marketing, combining with my own music performances.

FSHN: How do you see ACPAD changing the way we play music? 
RS:  It’s a new approach of playing music. People will be learning more about electronic music and add some extra spices to their play.

FSHN: Are you planning to create ACPAD for other instruments in future?
RS:  Yes, that’s future music 😉

FSHN: When will ACPAD be available to buy?
RS:  You can pre-order now at  In June we go on the market.

FSHN: What will be the average price for an ACPAD and will it be easy to attach?
RS:  Yes also see Kickstarter, we published a video showing the easy attachment of ACPAD (takes seconds). Average price right now with shipment is $269. Once we hit the market, we have to see what margins we will half to achieve to grow as a business.

FSHN: What’s next for Robin Sukroso as an artist and also for ACPAD?
RS:  I will put out singles primarily connected with music videos.  Maybe an EP or album will appear too and ACPAD will be played by some talented and famous guitar players, looking forward to these collaborations!

For more info on ACPAD go to: