by Leslie Lambert

For years, fashion lovers everywhere have adored Christian Louboutin’s legendary red soles, but people are used to seeing them close to the ground. This fall, expect to see a lot more of his work…on ladies’ hands. That’s right, fashionistas can now wear the famous Louboutin red on their nails too, as Christian Louboutin recently unveiled his distinct nail polish collection. Expect nothing short of genius from the colors he offers to the idiosyncratic bottles that the polish comes in. Louboutin’s philosophy regarding his nail polish mirrors that of his shoes: practicality is not a priority. Each unique color comes in a glass bottle with a pointed cap closely resembling the height of his popular Ballerina Ultima heel. In the collection, you can find 30 colors all inspired by his shoes. There are three groups of shades with ten colors in each: The Pops, The Noirs, and The Nudes. However, the most iconic of the collection is his Rouge Louboutin. The brilliant, glossy color is the exact shade of his shoe soles, paying homage to origins of the signature red color.

Louboutin originally discovered the idea of having red soles on his shoes in Paris of 1993. While working on a shoe design, he felt that something was missing. His assistant caught his eye when she was painting her nails with a captivating red color. Grabbing the bottle from her, he immediately painted the shoe soles red. Honoring his past inspiration, the purpose of his nail polish collection is “[to give] back to nails what the shoe took from the nails.”

Louboutin is selling his nail polish at a steep price of $50 per bottle, the highest amount for nail polish on the market. Nevertheless, most colors were sold out on the designer’s website immediately, and they continue to sell fast on other channels. Unlike any other nail polish, this striking collection can be found in the shoe department of various retailers as well as in Christian Louboutin stores.