Monadnock and Anchor join for Sustainable paper products.


Monadnock Expands Distribution Partnership with Anchor Paper Company
Full Stocking of Sustainably-Advantaged Papers and Packaging Materials to Better Serve Upper Midwest
BENNINGTON, N.H. (September 2, 2020) – Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc., the oldest continuously operating paper mill
in the United States, announced today that it has entered into an expanded sales partnership with St. Paul, Minnesota-
based Anchor Paper Company, a leading privately-held paper, packaging, and equipment enterprise servicing customers
in the Upper Midwest.
The venerable, 97-year-old Anchor Paper will be offering a greatly expanded line from Monadnock’s sustainably-
advantaged fine printing and packaging papers, geared toward meeting the growing demand for FSC-certified, PCW
recycled papers.
“Deepening our current relationship with Anchor Paper means more shared opportunities and a fuller offering of
sustainable fine paper choices for their current and prospective customers,” said Lisa Taylor, Vice President of Sales and
Marketing at Monadnock Paper Mills. “As two long-time, family-owned companies with deep community commitments we
understand that doing right by our customers and strategic partners is a smart investment that pays off now and in the
Anchor’s dedicated and knowledgeable Specification Sales Representatives work closely with designers, ad agencies and
corporate marketers to find the best papers for their projects.
“We’re excited to build on our current partnership with Monadnock and help our customers discover the newest and
highest-performing sustainable paper and packaging options” said Brooke Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Anchor Paper.
“After nearly 100 years our customers expect the best, and Monadnock is best-in-class.”
Anchor Paper will be stocking and offering for immediate delivery the following sustainable papers from Monadnock:
Astrolite PC 100 ® Smooth Astrolite
Astrolite PC 100 Digital + for HP Indigo Caress
Astrolite PC 100 Velvet 2CS, Dulcet
Envi PC 100 Performance Board Hemp Envi Performance Board (30% Hemp; 70% PCW)

About Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc.
Monadnock Paper Mills (MPM) provides and custom engineers a diverse range of products including technical/speciality
papers, and premium printing and packaging papers for leading brands worldwide. The company’s ENVIPortfolio ® of
products features fibre-based solutions that replace plastic for uses such as gift cards and tags. Its technical papers are
used in medical and pharmaceutical packaging, construction, interior design, manufacturing and other speciality
applications and markets. Working as a true partner with its customers, Monadnock’s technical expertise and agility result
in products that lead the market in innovation and quality. With a passion for the environment and ingenuity, Monadnock
turns ideas into reality.