Modeling Camp in San Francisco

The annual Modeling camp, directed by former Elite Model, Heather Cole has been in town for four days. A small group of young girls, some coming as far as the Cayman Islands, have been learning the steps of becoming a model and have been given a little push into the fashion world. During these four days, the girls learned how to do their hair and makeup, and have even done a real photo shoot with a fashion photographer. With gaining confidence in themselves, the girls were then sent off to castings with a few grand modeling agencies and were given a chance to show off their great personalities. On the final day of the camp, these upcoming models showed their best poses and outfits on a real runway. It was a success! No one was tumbling down the runway, but rather it was very fun, elegant, and unique.

Perhaps it was Sundai Love, one of the contestants of America’s Next Top Model who gave these girls so much inspiration and motivation to continue their modeling careers. Before the girls hit the runway, Sundai Love came in to talk to them and answered all the questions they could possibly have. She also gave them many pieces of advise, such as to wear minimal make-up to casting calls, wear appropriate attire when going to a go-see, and make sure to have a book ready with your photos. Her most import piece of advice was to never let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough. Sundai Love, told many stories from her modeling experience and she said that she used to think that she was a) too short, b) had stretch marks, and c) never wore heels in her life. She thought all these things were just a set up for failure.  Yet when she went to a casting call and forgot her name when presenting herself to the agents, she was surprised to hear her name being called as one out of a hundred girls who was chosen by the agents.

Many questions were asked, and Sundai Love with her bubbly and very friendly personality gave an answer to all. One of the questions was: How do you feel the show [Americas Next Top Model] changed you?

To what Sundai answered: “It gave me a ton of confidence!” She said that going through those challenges every day when first having doubts about herself, really made her feel as if she’s getting somewhere, and “by the time I was out, I just felt like I’ve been through the extreme. I can handle just about any type of situation.”

Everyone has their embarrassing moments, well so does Sundai. She told a story how she once broke the taboo rule of bringing in food on set when she was specifically told not to. As she was secretly eating her sandwich, the person who told her not to bring it on set, came in. Sundai quickly hid her sandwich and as she moved on with the shoot, posing for the camera she “turned around, and stepped on a tomato. It was so embarrassing because he was a serious type of person and nobody was laughing. They were just thinking like ‘where did this tomato come from?’”

Filling the room with laughter and a friendly atmosphere, Sundai took pictures with the girls and really made their eyes sparkle. She was definitely a role-model for them.

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