Miss Norway 2014, Kim MacKenzie, Will Bare Her Curves to Promote Healthy Body Image

Kim MacKenzie, Miss Norway 2014, who openly battled an eating disorder for ten years, prepares to show off her curves in the Queen of the Universe Pageant this Sunday, promoting her platform of inspiring a healthy body image.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 14, 2014

The girl who gets the crown is supposed to represent the epitome beauty. As the saying goes, “Miss USA contestants want to be Victoria Secret models.” Dozens of stereotypes surround the typical pageant girl’s body, but they all revolve around being tall, toned, and thin…the ectomorph or “tube” shaped body. But this leaves out the mesomorph body, also known as the “hourglass,” and the endomorph body, also known as the “pear” or “apple” shaped bodies. When combined, more women are mesomorphs and endomorphs than ectomorphs anyway. So why have pageants morphed society’s thinking that being tall and thin is the only definition of beauty? Kim MacKenzie, Miss Norway 2014 in Infinity Media’s Queen of the Universe Pageant, sets out this weekend to prove this pageant trend wrong.

“I’m curvy, toned, and tiny, or as I like to call it, ‘fun-sized.’ At 5’2” with hips and a booty, I don’t look like your typical pageant girl. But that’s not who I’m trying to be anyway,” Kim MacKenzie declares, “I spent enough years trying to mold my body into an unreachable and unhealthy ideal… and I was miserable because of it.”

Kim, who struggled with an eating disorder for ten years, now proudly represents a healthy body image. “Every body is different. If you’re a size 4 trying to starve yourself into a 00, you’re going to be unhappy… as well as malnourished. I was. It took a long time for me to be able to embrace my curves. But now that I have, ‘diet’ is just another four letter curse word. I choose happiness and health over fitting myself into someone else’s standard of beauty. Just being able to strut on stage in a bikini, curves and all, in front of thousands means I’ve already won.”

So, is society’s model of beauty shifting? Kim thinks so. “We now have companies like Dove showing real women’s bodies, like in their Real Beauty Campaign, and celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence speaking out about being called ‘fat’ by the media. People are taking note…even in the pageant world. That’s why I love the Queen of the Universe Pageant. All the girls are different shapes and sizes…and they are all fabulous! We represent real women!”

The Queen of the Universe Pageant is this Sunday, March 16, at the Saban Theater. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.com, and all profits go directly to UNESCO’s global education programs.

Kim MacKenzie is a Burbank-born screenwriter, producer, actress, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. As president and spokeswoman for The Body Archer, Kim helps millions of Americans relieve back pain with her company’s doctor-recommended back stretching chair. Nominated for three WEGO Health Activist Awards, her writing on healthy living has been featured in Spafinder Wellness 365, Classtivity, Become Natural, Hearts of Gold, and The Care Co. Kim has also permeated the entertainment industry as a screenwriter, actress, and producer. Her film BRO’ starring Danny Trejo was distributed by Lionsgate in December 2012. As Miss Norway 2014, Kim is sponsored by Rock’s Tree and Hillside Service, The Body Archer, and “Confessions of a Woman” series author, Isabell Wells. Kim’s mission is to combine health and entertainment, inspiring people to live healthy, well-balanced, abundant lives.