Photos courtesy of brand

For the new Fay fashion show, Tommaso Aquilano an Roberto Rimondi tell an ltaian story that recalls past memories and excellences. The elegance of fabrics, the clear cut shapes, the masterly craft workmanship of skins reveal a new feminine code based on rigour, refreshed by touches of “beat”.

Main character of the season is a young, elegant and sophisticated woman: she wears small, eccentric coats with ease, like over jackets, playing with fur elements. She chooses parkas drawn from the military world, reinvented and embellished with precious cashmere and mohair mixtures. She translated camouflage into patchwork fabric and fur embroidery. She mixes in her wardrobe hyper-light feathers jackets together with tartan, iconic buttons and velvet collars, colors taken from a male world revisited in softened nuances.

Sometimes she steals something like a light blue shirt from her partner, balanced with short skirts and dresses: emblems of a self-assured spirit, living her life with aware and spontaneous elegance, refusing all extremes to confirm her vale.

The wide array of materials drives into the most classic elegance: boiled wools, mohair, cashmere, short fur coats but, why not, together with fresh cottons and scottish tartans. Color palettes welcome greys, light power pinks, khaki green and camo-touches.

Fay accessories reveal the same clean spirit: a masculine taste for the lace up shoes or a very feminine one for the high leg boots; in soft, voluptuous leathers like nappa and suede. The season’s it bag, the hobo, is fresh and deconstructed. The fringes take to an Indian American ethnic influences but the handmade braids and the stitching are unquestionably Italian.