Photos courtesy of brand

Dondup continues its creative analysis of womenswear. This creativity is guided by a freedom of choice that authorises style to move beyond the traditional canons of womenswear. The Dondup woman is a special figure, who has no need of superstructures and who enjoys overturning fashion rules. Allergic to conventions, she makes independent choices. In this way her winter wardrobe becomes a manifesto of Rock & Roll femininity. The outcome of synthesis between seventies elegance and the Grunge vision of the nineties, style for 15/16 is expressed through careful creative analysis.

Creative director Manuela Mariotti designs an intriguing wardrobe, a modern reworking of the concept of day and evening that breathes life into a new idea of modern femininity, based on the affirmation that nothing is standardised today, least of all a woman. And so, with the savoir-faire typical of this brand, eveningwear turns into an urban code with sequins and studs setting the pace for an original clothing manifesto. The tux with embroidered strips has the same silhouette as a jogging suit, the biker in leather, trousers and jacket, lends a new idea to the suit and the silk dress is worn with a leopard print lapin fur. Vice versa, denim gets the precious treatment, double and golden and the parka is covered with ancient Japanese family crests, the tux has satin lapels and, thanks to hidden buttons, incorporates a maxi skirt in tulle and the cross-top is sprinkled with golden sequins that, when stroked in the opposite direction, turn silver and create a 3D effect.

The Fall/Winter 15/16 Women’s collection writes an important chapter for the Dondup story. This maison, founded at the end of the nineties, today has a global vision, aware and mainstream, with the original DNA and cutting-edge creative input existing side by side. Manuela Mariotti plays with incongruences and contrasts, interpreting a contemporary, feminine mood.