Men’s Fashion – A Forever Beauty Trend

As female professional model, I was always more interested in Men’s fashion wear and so the history behind it all it is really exiting. Personally I really appreciate a man who is sure about himself, and it really shows in the way he dresses. Nothing is more exiting and hot to see a confident man who is free of judgments and taboos.

The idea of a man being considered feminine because he cares for himself it is completely gone. Today’s women really embrace the fact that men get his nails done, facial treatment, body and soul; and please don’t forget the Brazilian waxing…

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

― Oscar Wilde

bow tiesThe roots of gentlemen’s fashions of the Regency era of circa 1795-1825 traced back primarily to two sources. One was the equestrian clothing of English “country gentlemen” of the late 18th century and the other was the radical new designs which came out of the French Revolution.

Though most clothing of the era appears to be quite formal and conservative to us (and in fact one could argue that modern men’s formal and business attire trace their roots to this era), in actuality there were some very abrupt departures from what had developed over the past century and a half during the Baroque and Georgian periods.

Breeches (which had been standard men’s attire in one form or another for at least two centuries) were slowly abandoned in favor of pantaloons and trousers. Bright colors and gaudy accoutrements gave way to the new idea (propagated by persons such as fashion icon Beau Brummel) that a gentleman of taste ought to be subtle and subdued, leaving brilliancy in color and accessories for the most part to the ladies. With a few subcultural exceptions this philosophy has pretty much carried forward even to the present day.

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Dating back to 2009-2010 Fashion Week producers in New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Singapore and Vancouver have pushed to provide a platform for a growing apparel segment – menswear – by creating a separate Fashion Week (weekend or day) for menswear fashion designers and brands – Men’s Fashion Week. Vera Wang recently announced that they will be launching new menswear divisions.

Men’s Fashion Week is held twice a year in major cities across the globe typically in January (Autumn/Winter) and June (Spring/Summer). The fashion industry event is held for fashion professionals and fashion occult. Designers and brands showcase upcoming collections to press, media, stylists, buyers, fashion trailblazers and, in some cases, the national public. In recent years, designers have tried making the esoteric experience available to the general public by broadcasting their runway shows via the World Wide Web.

Universal support for menswear designers is expected to result in Men’s Fashion Week launches across the globe. London has announced a year ago that it would dedicate an entire weekend to menswear fashion designers. Superb!! Singapore dedicated a few days to men’s shows. Los Angeles followed suite launching Men’s Fashion Week LA last year. Additionally, Vancouver does Men’s Fashion Week. New York has supported the developments in the menswear segment, and hoping that thy will announce a Fashion Week dedicated entirely to menswear fashion designers. Paris promotes their men’s runway shows as a part of their regular Fashion Week schedule. Hey, San Francisco???

Anyway my whole point here is to dedicate these series to Men’s wear and bring alive the best in every man. It doesn’t matter your color, creed, religion, heritage, sex preference, hair color, tall, short, red or blue. Men in general should always take care of their beauty and show their style in every day life. And with that, maybe we wont have much time to think about war, but inside and out beauty.

First Impression?: There are, of course, big fashion deal breakers guys (hopefully) know not to make. Showing up to a date in an “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt, for instance. Or walking into a business meeting wearing a Confederate flag biker jacket. But usually, it’s smaller things that can trip you up with a first impression. A sloppy, untucked shirt – pants that clearly haven’t been pressed – muddy, grass-stained shoes.

mens bootsHow to get it right?: Do a full-mirror scan before you leave your house. Do you look put together? Is your hair combed? Your shoelaces tied? Does your belt match your shoes? A quick once-over will save you from little mistakes in a first impression.

Either way, we are watching in every corner of the city for all the styles and trends. This is all about you, Man, at this first of a series of 13 episodes of Men’s fashion wear, trends and tendencies. Stay tuned, cant wait for the next!