Memo Company Brings Jewellery home shopping back to life.

 Debora LaBudde, CEO & Founder of MEMO was a successful executive in a finance world when she realized that her passion was aligned with jewellers and everything about connecting with them in a joyful, playful satisfying way. The very feeling she had when finding new treasures and designers to how they made her feel when wearing them was enough to leave the running of venture capital fund to create her own business around what made her life feel rich and fulfilling that is how MEMO was born.

Debora LaBudde had vision of experience with jewellery in a unique way that creates special connections with the item’s stones or the design without being rushed by the salesperson or security person at the store to make a decision about purchase that can become her signature piece for may years.

Not only the choice of stone needed to be felt but the shape and colours created a unique experience. That is exactly what she wants for her client to have available to them when shopping at MEMO.

Debora believes that every detail of the jewellery should feel just right for her client. Starting from feeling empowered to feeling beautiful.

Now in the privacy of your home, you can choose the next signature piece of your collection for every occasion that may arise at any time. After all, buying and regretting it later can be the think of the past thanks to