Founders Entertainment’s new expansion into Queens with the launch of The Meadows was altogether a success. Even though the concrete location was originally an unfamiliar and not ideal festival destination, the experience completely changed my mind. The overall setup, schedule, and circular layout made it easy to navigate, provided quick travel time between stages, as well as ensured for no audio spill. There was also ample food and beverage options that were located at the outer edge of the festival, which allowed for easy access from any point. Additionally, even though the lineup primarily focused on electronic and hip-hop artists, there was a glimpse from all genres throughout the two days. All in all the first year of The Meadows was commendable. It was a diverse, well-curated, effortless yet entertaining weekend and I look forward to future editions.

Photos by Wrenne Evans, Saam Richard, Josh Charow, SamAlive, and JN Silva