MBFW New York – Vera Wang F2015 RTW Collection

When a masculine and sportswear touch meet at Vera Wang, this gives a strong and intense collection. From the first outfit, Jamie Bochert made her entrance in a slightly loose mini blazer and a maxi skirt in a wool twill elasticised at the waist, the tone is set. The line is slender, becoming the new proportions. We saw a jumper dress in a huge cable knit pass by with the purity of a long dress in white crepe or another in black velvet, held together by huge black straps. The details are important, especially the linings and the laces which are found on several models. The flowers finally make their appearance but they are embroidered on the loose sweatshirts worn over threaded dresses or a sweatshirt worn over a mini skirt in vinyl. To note: the ankle and knee high boots with white soles. Vera Wang: Collection level clothing, I mean really not contemporary but really handmade, hand sewn, hand tailored, very bespoke, all of those things, a lot of work went to the inside of the clothes. Technically we bonded a lot of fabrics and bonding machines so we really had to experiment a great deal with how to bond these fabrics and what to bond them with, to create those shapes, even the sweaters are bonded. The play of proportions so that we could personalize that kind of tailoring, that kind of jacket making, and that kind of cutting and the way I thought that made it really look new was to be able to mess it up, and that’s really the way I think women today dress, they’re not so dictated by a formal proportion, I think they wear what they feel comfortable in. I’ve seen so much red carpet dressing lately and the couture and everything so I really wanted to go our own way, I mean I think it takes a lot of courage to be minimal today.