Photos courtesy of brand

Some of the most defining elements of the Inuit culture caught Tibi’s eye this season — its mastery of the Arctic clime, kinship, and heart for wandering and adventure. Inuit dressing embodies all of this in its warmth, coolness of colors, range of textures, and oversized cuts. With a modern eye, Tibi re- interprets this world for the modern time.

Against this backdrop, the Tibi Fall 2015 collection experiments with new proportions: long and lean pants with slight flare, raised waistlines that hug under the rib cage, an oversized shearling blazer coat in contrasting wools. Sculptural lines and varied textures – from shearling to mohair – give a sense of depth and exude warmth. An icy palette of grey, mint, and nude reminds us that warmth is most comforting in the opposition of the cold.