MBFW New York – Thakoon F2015 Collection

In the same vein that Altuzarra made a show which took place yesterday evening, Thakoon is inspired by dandies from the 19th Century like Oscar Wilde through these curled shearlings, these propositions of huge coats, and this sophisticated allure. The designer added the idea of patchwork by mixing the materials by playing with the lengths and the superpositions. The colours are all always worked as an idea of sensuality present again through these long ensembles and evening dresses in chiffon scattered with sequins. To note: the completely new collection of bags that Thakoon has developed for the second season. Interview: Thakoon Panichgul: For me I really let the fabrics dictate this season, just because a lot of the time we come up with the storyline and then we find fabrics to go with the storyline, but for me it was really more interesting just to kind of smell, and to feel, and touch, and really feel what was speaking to me fabric wise. Everything was coming up very rich in texture it was speaking as if it was like a 19th century painting, or it was 19th century Oscar Wilde, it had a dandy quality to it. The layering is a bit more clean this season too, it’s really long and lean was the silhouette for us you know you saw the turtle neck but then a dress underneath or over that and everything felt like she’s just been stretched a little bit. I’ve been loving playing with shirting, menswear shirting, menswear elements is something that I’ve been loving to play with, you saw some of it with the shirting, but then reinterpreted in a cool new way, and then layered with the crop top and pants as well.