MATTIS Shares New Cinematic Music Video For His Debut Single “Loverboy”

Earlier this year Copenhagen native MATTIS slinks in with his solo debut single “Loverboy,” self-described as ‘Viking soul.’ The song radiates a wistful melancholy reminiscent of James Blake. MATTIS’ soulful tenor rides the groove and synths equally in the track, providing the song with a tantalizingly dark essence. To date, the track counts almost half a million Spotify streams.

The lyrics of “Loverboy” relate the pain of lost love and the subsequent enervating emotional and spiritual spiral into the abyss resulting from such a loss; a feeling captured in the new cinematic music video for the single.

The video was shot in two days in July, the first in Copenhagen and the second at Vadehavet (Wade Sea), a Danish landmark. As the video opens, MATTIS strides along the beach beneath dark storm clouds, the wind whipping around him. He is alone, not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally. The video then cuts frequently from MATTIS to a beautiful woman who is distinct, yet at the same time vague and out of reach. The implication is she is present to him, in his heart and mind, but the reality of the situation is she is gone from his life as the ocean waters start to surround and envelop him. The visual images projected by the video are raw with emotion, ascetic with light against dark.