The Growth Story

In 2018, Marimekko’s collections are inspired by growth stories. Growth means to become complete, developing from a seed into something blooming. It means a continuous cycle which, in all its beauty, never comes to an end.

Each spring nature awakes with sprouting green leaves and budding flowers before bursting into full bloom. In fall, the color palette changes. This infinite process in nature reminds us of our personal growth and the path we have walked to become who we are today.

Roots – Sprouting – Bloom

Marimekko’s Pre-Spring 2018 collection was inspired by the sprouting spring time. In the collection, blooming contemporary prints designed by Marimekko’s younger generation designers Satu Maaranen and Paavo Halonen are combined with archive prints designed by iconic Marimekko designers Maija Isola and Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi. The materials range from flowy silk to poplin which is printed in Marimekko’s in-house printing factory in Helsinki.

Helokki Print - Marimekko

Helokki print, designed by Satu Maaranen.

Photos Courtesy of Marimekko