Love in the bottle

This glass bottle collection is are rare as our beloved elephants are.

A very old classic style that is timeless, smart, with purpose and full of love. Elephants dig waterholes during drought to bring water up for all animals in the bush. This bottle carries water for you with love, faith and believes programmed into it. As you know writing on water changes its molecular structure to be programmed for the symbol or words placed on the water.
At FSHN we love the idea of durable glass with love written on it to keep us in a good state of mind and hydrated! What a gift to give to everyone you love.
The next exciting possibility while using this bottle is creating your own flavor by dropping in fresh fruits, mint or cucumber without worry of enzymes interacting with plastic or aluminum since the bottle is made of glass. Imagine knowing and controlling what is in your drink every day and fresh every time without chemicals to change your mood to sad.