Louis Vuitton Women’s Collection Autumn-Winter 2014-2015

This familiar wardrobe appeals to the collective unconscious, stirring our affective memory. We never tire of these perennial pieces; they are faithful friends. Eternally under their alluring spell, we delight in wearing them time and again. A peppering of original designs shakes up the cozy coterie; these distincly modern, strikingly stylish newcomers open up the much-loved wardrobe to new pairings and a landscape of possibilities.

LOUIS VUITTON is a land of contrasts. A time-honored and noble legacy is kept alive by a yearning for discovery and exploration. Coursing boldly and imaginatively through the decades, LOUIS VUITTON refreshes the world of fashion with an untiring ebb and flow of retrospective and fresh perspective.

Glorious smooth, full-grain leather is contrasted with hybrid materials. Bold bright colors are juxtaposed with muted halftones. Hand-crafted artisanal techniques are updated width a high-tech twist.

The initial collection tells a tale of expertise made possible by innovative techniques. It focuses on the highlights and remains open to interpretation.
Living proof that today’s “timeless” was at one time seen as innovative.
In the collection, the timeless is now.

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