DiLorenzo Empowering Others

Written by Belen Ponce

David A. DiLorenzo: The Famed Beauty Entrepreneur Empowering Others

When it comes to achieving success in the nail business, David A. DiLorenzo isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. In addition to creating revolutionary products, DiLorenzo, the president of Valentino Beauty Pure, is paving the way for others, especially young women in the Latino and African American communities, in order to help them navigate the nail business for themselves and even open their own salons for the very first time.

Valentino Beauty Pure, which has amassed over 470,000 followers on Instagram due to their famed reputation for giving clients fabulous nails, is also a family affair. David, an entrepreneur with over two decades of business experience, grew up working in his father’s Valentino Beauty Pure salons, which could be found from New Jersey to South Beach. He would eventually use the lessons learned from his own successes and failures in the beauty industry to educate others.  His educational courses have since empowered thousands reach their own career goals.

While working at his father’s salon, David saw a need for a product to help with nail odor and dust from the application of acrylic nails. In order to help minimize side effects including migraines and mood swings, David and his father invented and patented a “source capture system” which helps removes harmful odors and nail dust. Despite incessant backlash, David remained determined to unveil his product, even after his family was forced to move to Florida and start over after the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

It wasn’t long before David dived into the online social media stratosphere in order to bring his family’s beloved beauty brand back to life. By tapping into platforms including Facebook and Instagram, this energetic entrepreneur was able to reach both potential consumers as well as talented nail technicians. He even created Beauty Pure’s Acrylic System and Gel System, which was developed by the most renowned chemists in the world and is now one of the most popular products in the beauty business with many famous fans, including Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Rihanna, Paula Abdul and many others.

Upon creating a team and sense of comradery amongst colleagues and nail professionals, he was inspired to embark on creating an educational legacy, and now empowers others to learn from his own business lessons and marketing techniques. David, who has always been passionate about motivating others to pursue their own dreams, now has a team of 17 educators and hundreds of brand ambassadors. He is committed to giving young entrepreneurs, especially from Latino and African American communities, the opportunity to open their very first business, by showing them how to make the most of social media and interact with clients through his classes and seminars. David has not only turned the nail and beauty business more mainstream but has given many the chance to take charge and find a real career. With David’s guidance, his students are realizing their own goals and financial freedom for the first time, allowing them to focus on their self-worth and independence. Not even the Covid-19 crisis can get David down – in fact, as many women who are currently shifting from their regular jobs look to get into the nail business, David is helping them to open their own manicure meccas. David remains dedicated to helping plant the seeds for others to continuously grow both personally and professionally.