Photos courtesy of brand

The state of paralysis between sleep and wakefulness called Hypnagogia can be filled with vivid patterns and imagery. This state of being was the inspiration for Mariana Jungmann’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection – control is released into an alternative reality.

Jungmann has juxtaposed laser and jacquard cuts, creating soft leathers with depressed, textured imprints reminiscent of the status between the conscious and unconscious mind. The neutrality of gender has been reflected in sharp tailored lines, applied to traditionally feminine shapes.

Jungmann’s signature Renaissance lace, created with traditional Brazilian lace makers, has evolved this season with stitching techniques that construct a textured, fluid and vivid appearance. The long, flowing garments have developed in a colour palette of teal, black and grey which mimics the paralysis of a drowning state, using natural and biodegradable materials such as cashmere, silk, lambskin and merino wool.