Photos courtesy of brand

In the fast-paced modern city, there is a continuing desire to find oneself, not just as independent beings, but also as one united consciousness. Our personal journeys are entwined with our need to be ourselves and to be saved from ourselves. The busyness of our day stops us from appreciating each day in its individual splendour. When is the last time you stopped doing to be? When is the last time you decided to ignore the tumultuous public opinion and regained some sort of balance?

‘Play Design’ elaborates on these questions, allowing the line that is walked between self- actualisation and self-restraint, which is both bold and subtle, to be expressed. The designs allow the LULU LIU woman to mould into their characteristics. Many of the garments present a form that shifts with zip adjustments. ‘Play design’ also incorporates different aspects of design reflecting the choices women are now facing. These ideas led Lulu to choose Cashmere and Leather as her two main fabrics, highlighting again both the tentative and definite choices of the modern woman. The medium of these two fabrics are also manipulated using printed tweed and wool, smooth lines and colours like Cherry Red and Peacock Blue, in order to add texture to a physical description of women.

“I hope everyone can find some sort of balance in life, and remain true to the purest version of themselves” – Lulu Liu.