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Dani and Annette Felder look to sixties Berlin this season, where sex, glamour, poli- tics, rock n roll and fun coexisted in radical form at the Kommune-1. The members of the countercultural commune had a face, the beautiful and wild Uschi Obermaier.

Uschi was a sexual revolutionary long before John and Yoko took to their bed in New York. As such, her groupies were quite something: Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger all came knocking to Berlin. Helmut Newton loved to photograph her. She was and is the rarest of women: sex symbol, model, political radical, writer, an internationally renowned good time girl who 40 years on is still vibrant.

This season the Felder Felder muse is hard- er-edged, glamorous, she is knowing and defiant. She operates well outside the system of fear that encourages the banal.
Metallic thread embellishes silk organza and late night lace looks, while rock chick faux animal skins come in opulent reds and rose gold. Animal and butterfly prints come with flashes of intense greens and blood rouge.

Signature flippy skirts come in tough laser cut faux leathers. Relaxed, loose, flounces around expanses of rebel décolleté pair with tight little kick flares and huge astra- khan boyfriend coats that could’ve belonged to one of Uschi’s many famous male groupies. Finish it off with a huge hooded shaggy faux fur.
This is insouciant drama. This is Uschi’s spirit