Candyatom Spring/Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection ‘From A Previous Save’

Now in her second RTW collection, CANDYATOM (C.アトム) designer Fifi Evelyn chooses a retrospective of her own life in video games.

Since her earliest memory, Fifi had her own PC and grew up playing mature games such as Quake and Duke Nukem with her father in these early stages of her life. This was when Fifi’s memory was in its formative years and now looking back, she recalls not being able to differentiate between a memory of a game or a memory of a dream.

Inspiration was taken from the pixelated graphics that formed her world than have been used to create another set of vibrant prints on cool, sporty streetwear silhouettes, which recall the early 90s aesthetic these games were created around and the attire that the characters in these games wore themselves.

Photo Credits: Kim Jobson