Life must go on in a fashionable way

Cris Egger

Lago di Como Italy

This February 2021, for the first time in the history of Italian woman’s fashion, the whole FW will be introduced all in digital for big brands like Versace, Gucci, ETRO, Moncler, Iceberg etc.
Few brave people will anyway put on, events to present the collections in a “classic and best way” in presence of guests, buyers and press.

One of this event is organized by Cristina Vittoria Egger fashion expert and talent scout in collaboration with a Monegasque partner Flavia Cannata and Alwaysupportalent.
Working in such a dark era to support fashion artisans and designers, small enterprises, dreamers and artists is being very difficult.
On this networking platform, talented people will introduce to the public their new collections.

Marosetti designer of ladies bags.
FilBerg designer of magnificent scarves in silk fir ladies inspired to a world of POLO.
Ballsmania is a super design brand for accessories ( earrings rings bracelets )for ladies. They are all made of balls.
Eleonora Ricci is totally a sustainable brand with textile made of plants and flowers.
Syvie is a brand from Brazil, designed by an Italian lady who makes everything of wood in a very classy and elegant mood.
Missconturbante is a young brand designed by 2 young ladies and is specialized in bath suits and funny turbans for every day instead of classic hats.
Rosalinda jewels are created pieces in pure silver.
Then we have other names like Luca Giannola, Orequo  Palazzo Rosa ( a beauty world ) and  Alessandra Aiardo.
During the event, live interviews will be going on, while
the cocktail will be served in the best imaginable way, following the Covid protocol imposed by the Italian government.
It is going to be a different way of presentation because people will wear fashion masks to protect themselves and the environment ..
But dreamers will have a possibility after a long and difficult year to see and talk about their projects to professionals.
Fashion must go on.

Cristina Vittoria Egger