The Italian word “libertà” means “freedom,” so forget the rules and have fun. We got our inspiration from Italian fashion and nonchalance. Sensuality, freedom, and lightness. That’s the true la dolce vita! Enjoy fun times with your family and friends, be frolicsome and a bit bohemian at least for the two months of the year. We encourage you to bring out spontaneity and hot-bloodedness just like we do. Be feminine, passionate and nonchalant at the same time. Loose hair, slapdash braids, romantic dresses, big earrings, and red lips.

The Bomton Jalta Summer 2017 mini hair collection was designed by Štěpánka Hamplová, Lenka Floriánová, Markéta Schühlerová, and Adam Průcha with supervision by Lucie Zelengorovová.

Photos by Lucie Kryštofová
Makeup by Jana Darmovzalová
Styling by Marek Volf