Famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld died on February 19, 2019 at the age of 85. He leaves the world of fashion orphan, just like his pet became star: Choupette.

Choupette should not miss kibble for the rest of his life. Karl Lagerfeld had designated his famous longhaired cat as official heiress.

She will not be the only one to inherit a part of the fashion designer’s fortunes, as he said in an interview with the magazine Numéro published on April 10, 2018. The journalist also reminded him in the interview that it was forbidden in France to designate an animal as heir, to which Karl Lagrefeld had replied “it’s good because I’m not French.”

“She has her own little fortune, it’s an heiress,” said the fashion designer on the show “Le Divan”, hosted by Marc-Olivier Fogiel. If something happens to me, the person who looks after her will not be in misery. The ads she did, the money I do not take, it’s put on purpose for her. Choupette is a rich girl. “

Karl Lagerfeld had adopted Choupette in 2011, after the model Baptiste Giabiconi had entrusted to him. She had gradually become his muse, the designer devoting several collections.

The cat had become a real celebrity, with its own Instagram account with more than 100,000 subscribers, and gains estimated at nearly 3 million euros in 2014 alone.

“She’s the center of my world, she’s a kind of Greta Garbo, she has something unforgettable about how she moves, she’s inspired by her elegance and attitude,” Karl Lagerfeld said of today orphaned animal.

Karl Lagerfeld

Today choupette lost his master and fashion lost a great creator.