K-3 Sisters My Time album

Dallas FT Worth Texas USA

Kaylan Kelsey Kristen Started small as Mega successes have.

The grownup in a musical home with both parents encouraging the pursuit of selves-development through what they love – instruments, dress-up, singing and loving life. Their first performances where among family and friends then, for the community and before long they were booking even bigger festivals and shows in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, including Six Flags Over Texas, the Great Wolf LodgeDallas Arboretum, the Tyler, Texas Rose Festival, and the North Park Dallas Mall, honing and refining their skills to perform for large crowds.

2009 there were on Disney World Tour and 19 public schools tour.

Butterflies formation is their signal to pay attention and create the new song, theme or skill. at age four they started to study Suzuki violin method and write songs. Music and performing it is in their blood. Each of the sisters’ signs and plays multiple instruments.

The ease at which the creativity flows one can attributes to the encouraging environment they were raised with, one of limitless potential and worth.

That exactly what they promote for others to see and adopt a way of life. Being a band without assigned music genres says a lot- they are good at all of them since each represents mood and feelings that come up or the influence of other performers with their own twist to it such as Crosby, Stills & Nash, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young and Harry Potter story.

The girls had now perfected performing in larger festival settings but began resenting being rushed on/off stage quickly with sound engineers dismissing them over their technical requirements due to their multitude of instruments they had each set. So, they got creative. They began learning and teaching themselves about sound systems and soon acquired a new wireless prototype technology to run their own sound from their iPads and iPhones on stage. Before long they had perfected running the sound system professionally. This gave rise to the next chapter of their career, the K3 Sisters Coffee House Tour, where they partnered with Guitar Center to perform intimate coffee house shows while also giving away new guitars to disadvantaged youth at performances. By the time the coffee house tours ended, the girls knew how to run sound on any stage for themselves, and their own unique sound requirements to produce a great live listening experience. 

In Winter 2019 they went online with  LIVE performances across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok leading to over quarter billion views!

Their goal is to empower self-esteem and believe that all is possible when you follow your instinct to develop skills and share your creation with the world to make it better than before. The message they share is that be the best you can be and takes others into consideration when you grow and expand they better version of yourself. There are no limits in the creative world any and only limits were set by the people that could not see far enough.

here is https: https://www.k3sistersband.com/

They are writing songs and performing with the power of the spirit that is unstoppable, every detail of that is expressed through the enthusiasm, clothes and attitude attached to each performance and our interview here for which they wore pink cowboy boots unmistaken for Texan girl.