Ray Chen timeless journey

written by Elisabeth Thieriot

When you decide to travel in time and space this would be your opportunity to do so. Ray Chen with Juraj Valcuha will take you on the emotional journey first through space traveling between planets and meteor barely missing them and keeping you alert on the edge of your seat without falling out. Symphony of Star Wars experience. First piece Unstuck is composed by Andrew Norman in 2008 truly remarkable modern day music experience, performed with a fortitude of virtuoso Ray Chen. powerful yet never taking you over the edge to explode or implode with emotions. Next piece was a perfect exhale from planetary travel avoiding colliding with flying debris and admiring views of new planets into a more serene environment of Eden and love. Romance filled the symphony hall with first few sounds of the violins that were everywhere, about forty of them reaching to the deepest parts of our hearts to bring love into the room. It was romance build with time and gentle approach with every note made by the trumpets and base. Concerto in C major for Violin and Orchestra Opus 77 composed by Johannes Brahms, is an ultimate study of human courtship. The nuance of approach and retreat is unmistaken, the desires and concerns ever weaving with each other. The elevation of mind and heart that love brings is where everyone wants to arrive with light and lightness of the hearts. Every violin has its sound and Jurah Valcuha conductor, again brings harmony between them all.
After intermission, we were taken on the other side of the human story that felt fear when walking through the Gorky park at night with moon lighting the way, and many shadows that could not be sure of who or what they will do. That is the dark story told by Russian composer Sergei Sergeievich Prokofiev composed in 1928.
The suspense and horror hiding behind the history of Gorky park will make the hair stand up on toughest of them all. So may dead want company when crossing the park to tell the story of their final moments in the park. if dare to feel the fear and power of the darkness this is the piece to listen to and understand the Russian life at that time. I have to say after a night like this I fell asleep thinking, feeling and still traveling through time space and emotions until next morning dawn. Music is life.