Joshua Bell takes the Night at SF Symphony

Coriolan Overture No. 1BeethovenViolin Concerto No. 1PaganiniSymphony No. 4Brahms

Once a Year Joshua Bell visits San Francisco to give his heart and music to those that show up.

On March 01, 2020, was one of these memorable nights when Joshua Bell as conductor and Violinist performed

With perfection, passion and verve that ripped apart horse hair out of his bow.

When his concluded 35 minutes of Paganini Concerto No.1 he asked if any of us had a horse as he needed some hair for his bow. The audience loved his connection with them and was so responsive to his every move and gesture during the concert. The emotions have taken everyone into the trans of emotions from high to low and back. Yet during the brake women were astonished not just how talented and world-class musician he is but how he did not change a bit in his body and face since he was 20 years old. I felt that they wanted the youth secret from him as much the emotions his music has evoked in their hearts. I realized that his youth secret is loving what he does and feeling the bliss about it, that kept wrinkles away from his face and youthful attitude thought life. He is entirely magnetic when the violin utters staccato and C minor tones bringing longing and wishes to live.

The entire evening was woven into the perfect sequence of music that created a journey into the story of love, distance, longing and respite in the fields of nature. One wonders how composers communicate all that we see from the tone of the natural world to resonate inside the symphony hall walls.

The orchestra is magnificent harmonizing with Joshua Bell that created another memorable night in San Francisco.

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