There is really nothing that fully describes how amazing movie night with the SF Symphony is except being there in person. It’s an awesome feeling to see an epic great film for the first time in the theatre with Dolby sound blasting and eating tasty popcorn, but its an out of the world experience when accompanied by seasoned musicians and vocalists. This night was no exception! We got to Davies Symphony Hall a bit early on Halloween eve (Oct 30) to take in the day of the dead décor and gear up for Jordon Peele’s award-winning masterpiece thriller, “Get Out”. It was a packed house as expected and with a mixed audience that included hardcore fans (young and old) and newbies.

“Get Out” follows Chris Washington a young African-American man, played by the charismatic actor Daniel Kaluuya, who uncovers a very disturbing secret when he visits the family of his white girlfriend played by Allison Williams. Washington becomes ensnared in a sinister plot by Williams and her family that progresses as the weekend continues and climaxes into an original ending that won Jordan Peele an Oscar for original screenplay. The SF symphony brought every nuisance, every little scare to life perfectly as the original films composer Michael Abels was on deck guiding the music and taking us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, thrills and non-stop laughs.

What was also a treat, was watching The DC6 singers, who were the original singers from the film, perform all the songs live. They were so good you almost forgot they were singing each song live. We got lost in the vocals, the music and of course the film, which is one of those horror cult classics that you can enjoy over and over. As the movie ended, fans cheered, giving Abel and the symphony a long-standing ovation and a wonderful ending to a great night and Halloween kickoff.

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