John Frieda® Frizz Ease® Hair Care Helps Women to “Never Pull Back”

Brand Creates Movement to Inspire Women to put Best Hair & Self Forward

/ PRNewswire / — We all have those days when things aren’t going our way, and it often starts with our hair. When stress is building, time is tight, and the humidity is up, sometimes we can’t handle dealing with our hair on top of everything else, so we give up and put it up. But when you surrender to frizz and throw your hair up in a tired bun or pull it back into an “I don’t care” ponytail, then you feel like you are not putting your best self forward. John Frieda® Hair Care experts understand that women face this problem all too often, and the number one culprit behind these pulled back moments of defeat is frizz. Now, with the newly re-launched Frizz Ease® collection, the brand team is setting out to start a movement to inspire women everywhere to “Never Pull Back,” on their hair or in life.

With the debut of the new online resource,, now women everywhere can learn about embracing the Frizz Ease® brand frizz-free lifestyle that lets them confidently wear their hair down every day. Just like the battle against frizz is ongoing, so is the fight against insecurity. To encourage you to let loose your best self on a daily basis, Frizz Ease® Hair Care professionals created a debut new digital video, “A Girl’s got to Be Free.” This powerful new online video introduces the ultimate symbol of freedom—the Statue of Liberty—to true style independence with a daring adventure to free her hair from pulled-back tyranny. Check it out at, to help remember that you always have a choice—to pull back or to push confidently forward—and share with your friends to instantly deliver a welcome jolt of inspiration.

For over 25 years, John Frieda® Hair Care has provided transformative frizz solutions for women, starting with the award-winning Hair Serum Original Formula and growing into a must-have arsenal of over 20 frizz-targeting formulas. For decades, the brand has made sure that no woman has to suffer the emotional burden of a bad hair day. Now with the new “Never Pull Back” movement, on top of providing best-in-class frizz solutions, Frizz Ease® products are helping all women internalize the full-confidence attitude that comes with knowing your hair always looks smooth, sleek, and flawless.

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