Jean Cuffs

What is a cuff? A cuff is when you roll up the ends of your jeans, maybe once or twice to keep them from dragging. But that’s not the only reason we roll up our jeans. You see, cuffing jeans per say, existed a lot in the 50’s and 60’s, and we are starting to see it pop up on the runway, and trickle down to street fashion. A cuff is more than just a rolled up jean. It gives an edgy look to either chinos, slacks, or the common blue jean.

I deeply believe that something as simple as a cuff is sort of an accessory the way a bracelet or a clutch is. It gives character and meaning to different looks. For example, a woman is wearing a white fitted dress shirt, dark blue jeans, and four inch stilettos walking in Union Square. But wait, she has a double folded cuff where her jeans meet her heels! Not only is it a bit more dynamic than her jeans flowing onto her shoes, but it’s retro and appealing to an in style woman. Granted, cuffs work for both sexes, and when a hipster male cuffs his jeans, it’s a bit more unique. I’ll admit I cuff almost all the jeans and chinos I wear.

Why? Well for one, they no not dangle around my ankles, and it gives character to the chino. On the runway, we see designers cuffing pants and trousers above heels, wedges, pumps, and flats. And sometimes, we see models walking out barefoot, with cuffs too. Yes, when they’re barefoot, is sort of beachy. Think character though, and don’t think beach day. Here is what I recommend; try cuffing your pants! You can cuff jeans to wear out to dinner, cuff jeans out to a club, cuff jeans out to a date, and cuff, cuff, cuff! Don’t be timid to try new styles, and if you really don’t like it, don’t cuff them. Simple as that! But I guarantee it will give a different meaning to those everyday blue jeans.

Rolling denim is a very personal thing. People either love it, or seriously hate it. There are various types of cuffs, but only a few make it to trend status. The first type of cuff that is VERY common is the neat cuff. It is often only folded once, and is perfectly pressed and linear with the rest of the jean. The second type of cuff that is trending right now, and one of my favorites, is the pegged cuff. Basically you fold up the bottom of the jean once, very tightly, and roll the rest.

This type of cuff is often seen in the streets, and on runways. The last type of cuff that pops out, and is the most simplistic is the pressed cuff. This cuff is practiced by the perfectionist, and people with OCD. I like this cuff! But it looks too put together. To achieve this cuff, you fold the bottom of the denim twice, until you no longer see the hem of the jean. Then, you iron or press the cuff to the jean to look unison. Everyone is different, and we all have various preferences. Experiment with different cuffs, and find one you like. Once you do, you’ll start cuffing about half the pants or jeans you wear.