Jackie Oh! Cosmetics – Natural Custom Makeup

Her name and design may be retro but don’t let that fool you; her personal method is cutting edge and one of a kind.

Imagine having the perfect makeup, tailored exactly to your skin and its needs. Forget about all of those commercials you see with Covergirl and L’Oreal. Jackie Oh! is the real deal. Why you ask? Well for starters, Jacqueline Ramirez creates makeup that contains no parabens, talc, or Castor oil and is non-comeogenic. Hold up, Castor oil!? Yes, many products use this because it acts as a moisturizer; however, it can cause irritation and will hasten the absorption of other chemicals found in makeup. As a healthy alternative, Jacqueline uses Jojoba oil, which protects your skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. Plus this will never leave you with a caked on effect because her products are absorbent rather than topical, like in most other brands.

Now for the custom part, which I know you are all waiting for. Jacqueline uses minerals and a custom blending technique to create any and every shade imaginable. Jacqueline can add anything from illuminators, SPF, copper peptides for elasticity and firming, to primers into your blended foundation. Foundation can then be tailored further by having the option of a liquid or whipped formula. The options she used to customize are what she called modifiers. These modifiers can also be added to lip sticks, balms and blushes. If you want your lipstick to contain plumpers, no problem. If you desire your blush to have shimmer and glitter, it can be done. The options are truly limitless! All of her lip products contain lovely flower botanicals and her gel liners are wax based.

Since Jackie Oh! cosmetics are as close as possible to being all natural, she is limited to what she can create. All of her products are either loose powders or creams. Nothing she makes is pressed. She has molds to help her create her lipsticks and all of her other products are produced by her simply mixing ingredients together and then pouring them into containers. The rest of her line, in which she does not make herself, comes from her wholesaler; however, 60% of what she sells is her creation.

Jackie Oh! is relatively hot off the press. The company will be coming upon its one year anniversary this Spring and after this year of perfecting her cosmetics, Jacqueline feel it’s time to release her line to the public after primarily testing her techniques with family and friends. Despite her makeup line being new, Jacqueline is no stranger to the beauty industry. She has been a hairdresser and makeup artist for many years at her and her brother’s shared salon in downtown Santa Rosa and also done makeup for special events. Having her own makeup line is something she never thought she would get into but she is thankful for that fateful day at the wedding expo she attended for business connections. If it weren’t for her wholesaler who approached her with the suggestion of starting her own line she would have never discovered her true calling

Quick facts:

  • Store hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9 AM – 7 PM
  • Walk – ins welcome, appointments suggested
  • Hair and makeup can be reserved for events, photo shoots and editorials
  • Price range is moderate, comparable to MAC, Stila or Benefit