J. Marco Announces New Studio Album Days of Surrender

Nashville’s Alt-rock musician, J. Marco released his new studio album, Days of Surrender, on September 29th.

Long before moving to Nashville and kicking off his songwriting career, J. Marco listened to records in his Massachusetts bedroom, moving between the fast-moving fuzz of punk-rock and the hard-hitting hooks of pop music. Years later, he combines both of those genres and more on Days Of Surrender, his second album as a solo artist. Days Of Surrender finds J. Marco pulling triple-duty as singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist. Gluing the entire album together is an emphasis on guitar riffs and undeniable melodies, the same two ingredients that connected most of Marco’s childhood influences.

“Days Of Surrender was a record with a mission statement. I wanted to make an album that captured the bands live energy, let me experiment with new sounds, and continue to grow as a songwriter. I wrote it in pieces over the span of about a year, following the completion of my previous album, Myth. Days Of Surrender is an honest attempt at processing my own worries, and the common worries that we all share, through songs. I think that everyone has days of surrender, but we just don’t talk about them. They’re the days when you’d rather just give up, close the blinds, and lock yourself in your bedroom. Those days are where this album came from.” – J. Marco

In support of the new album, J. Marco will be hitting the road and doing some US tour dates that will be announced soon.