IX Style

Ix Style was founded by siblings Francesca and John Kennedy, whose family is originally from Guatemala. They were always motivated by the poverty, violence, lack of opportunities for education and the alarming need for clean water in Guatemala.

Francesca and John spent their summers as kids in Panajachel visiting their grandfather and swimming in the once beautiful waters of Lake Atitlan. The lake is no longer what it was once was. Years of pollution have contributed to toxic green algae, seen above. Children often walk miles every day to collect this contaminated water. They have little choice but to drink and collect water from the lake. During that trip, she knew had to do something to help. Inspired by gorgeous, hand-woven Mayan textiles and leather craftsmanship, Ix Style was created.

Their mission is to provide clean drinking water to children and communities. How? Simply, by supporting and working with our non-profit partners. We also empower our artisans through commerce and production. We pay a premium on each pair to make sure each purchase is ethical. And while our focus and heart is in Guatemala, we coordinate with our partners that do work internationally, as well. Because, ultimately, no child is more important than another.

By buying one pair, you help finance and provide clean drinking water to children through water filtration systems, rain collection units and wells. Each purchase makes a difference in freeing up time for kids. Children who normally would walk miles a day to collect water for their families can instead spend that time in school. Without a doubt, education is the single most effective way to break the cycle of poverty.

They have been very blessed to be featured in PeopleStyleWatch, Vogue, Refinery29, Rachel Zoe Report,WWD, and Harper’s Bazaar. They had the great honor of meeting Sir Richard Branson who loved them and carries them at his shop on Necker Island, Anthropologie, Holt Renfrew, and ASOS and dozens of boutiques nationally and internationally have picked Ix Style up for Spring/Summer 2014. Supermodel Bar Refaeli, Jemima Kirke from HBO show Girls, Hangover 2 and 3 actress Jamie Chung, and fashion blogger Hanneli have all been spotted wearing them! The Vogue girls are fans and have featured us on their Instagram garnering more than 14,000 hits (more than Brad Pitt received on their Instagram).