Photographer Angelo Guarracino.
Location:In hidden corners of Villa D Este ( COMO Lake )
Clothes : for her
Gucci and Stone Island for him.

photo credit : Manuel Scrima
For her: Versace
For him: Versace Iceberg
Location: Alps

Alessandro Egger modeling carrier has given example to his younger sister Elsa. Now the family has two top faces of Italy.

After 4 years of impressive career , and world wide campaigns for Dolce Gabbana Moncler Versace , Alessandro was chosen by GQ Italy one of best dressed on red carpet in Venice .
Today testimonial for Etro and protagonist of important fashion cover is here with some great images for you .
A lot of hard work and discipline brought him where he is .
No smoking no alcohol , no drugs . Strict healthy diet and sports .
Healthy life first of all, created healthy carrier for Alessandro Egger, and now his sister too. He lead by example, and she learned from him willingly.

Elisa now was chosen as a New Face in Italy by historic Agency Caremoli from Milan to start up the career.

Photo of Elisa Egger with Goffredo Schettino son of famous artist (

We will see if she will able to follow the brother steps. She is a very good student and she stays hours on books every day .
As all teenagers she is very careful to follow the example of good habits of her older brother with a lot of GYM time and healthy organic food!

This is the success story of family that supports the dreams and good habits. If you ever think of becoming a model, chose to eat well, sleep and spend time outdoors. Good life habits build good life.

OUR congratulations to Egger Family.