Introducing the Next Big Start-up Money Savvy Shoppers are Already Obsessed With

Written by Lauren Farnoosh

Buying the designer handbag or pair of shoes of your dreams can seem daunting; if not completely out of reach for many of us. In an age hungry for continuous instant gratification, the idea of putting a little bit of money aside each day is almost like a revolutionary concept, and yet a strategy more and more millennials are beginning to utilize over purchasing on credit. Now, a start-up aimed at the savvy millennial shopper is capitalizing on this new shift in consumer priorities and habits. Welcome Reel, a startup focused on helping you shop responsibly and still essentially “ball out of control” by automatically saving money for you.

Basically, Reel promotes a “save to buy” approach that’s simplified and made easy even for the most money challenged shopper. “This is not saving for retirement or a rainy
day, this is saving for the things that matter to you now”; says Daniela Corrente, CEO.

Essentially, all you have to do is create an account on their website, shop their database and then set up a savings plan. Once you’ve selected your item, you’ll decide how much you want to spend on a daily or weekly basis, or rather the length of time you wish to save for. Then you can, link your bank account to your Reel profile to allow the app to automatically set aside the specified amount. Track your savings toward the item, and once you’ve reached the full amount, Reel will place the order for you. Reel makes saving for the most coveted pieces on your wishlist easy, effortless and most importantly— stress-free.

Not surprisingly, Reel is well on it’s way to becoming every fashion obsessed shopper’s best friend. Having only launched in September of last year, they have already managed to assist shoppers in saving $1,000,000 as of last month. “We simply want to help people turn their aspirations into a reality,” says Alejandro Quilici, CMO “to have the satisfaction of treating themselves to what they thought they couldn’t afford, while also helping them avoid adding unnecessary debt.”

You can start shopping and saving with Reel by heading to their site.