Introducing Blake Brody® ballerina flats, the ultimate chic wellness shoe

Blake Brody, known for her popular line of in studio footwear, is now taking it to the streets with a line of stylish, healthy, luxe ballerina flats. Partnering with Dr. Louis Galli, podiatrist for The Rockettes, these chic ballerina flats have been expertly designed to provide maximum health and comfort. This is the first luxe ballet flat to use podiatric technology, and is, as a result, a pleasure to wear all day. “I wanted to give fashionable women a shoe that is actually good for them”, says Brody, ”while being every bit as beautiful as a ballerina flat should be.”

Brody and Galli worked together to ensure that each step in the ballet flats would provide full body alignment and maximum support. The back portion of the foot is completely supported (unlike in regular ballet flats) so that the entire foot strikes the ground. This is a very different experience than with regular ballet flats, where the heel strikes first, creating a “negative heel”, which becomes painful after a few hours of walking. Padding is provided throughout the shoe, for ultimate comfort.

The completely vegan line of shoes features rich jewel toned velvets, sophisticated tweeds, and faux lizard skin materials in luxe sapphire navy and neutral beige.

Similar to Blake Brody’s popular In Studio Footwear line, the Blake Brody ballerinas collection is also anti-microbial, anti-odor and moisture wicking. Padding is made from regenerated Poron, which is 100% vegan and humane, as are all materials used in the line, with fully recyclable soles.

The collection will retail nationally in Fall 2013, styles begin at $275.

Beautiful Performance

The premier name in luxury studio footwear, Blake Brody® has taken wellness footwear one step further – onto the streets. Combining the refinement and beauty of a ballet slipper with the advanced technology of fitness gear, the new line of ballerinas are both fashion and environmentally conscious.

Blake Brody® shoes are specifically designed to let your feet align and stabilize more than traditional ballerina flats. Over time, this is better for the health of your feet. In designing the unique construction, Blake Brody collaborated with Dr. Louis Galli, the podiatrist for the Rockettes and an expert in dance health. Together, they developed a construction that is based on a biomechanical assessment of the foot.

Renewable and Sustainable

Recyclable Rubber
Sourced and manufactured in Italy by the Danimarc company, the recyclable rubber used in the shoes is prepared and intended for reuse in secondary compounds used for additional soling materials, playground surfacing, walkways, and other road surfaces. The preparation and reuse encourages rubber sustainability and it’s carbon footprint, and substantially reduces mining for it’s replacement compound materials like sand and gravel.

Ultrasuede is created by a global innovator in environmentally conscientious technology. Made with 100% recycled ultra-microfiber reconstituted from post-industrial material such as scrap polyester film. Depolymerization process reconstitutes industrial materials (e.g. 100% polyester scrap films) into raw materials. Chemical recycling process does not require a refining stage, resulting in significantly reduced energy consumption. Ultrasuede’s chemical recycling process reduces both energy consumption and CO2 emission by as much as 80%. More ecologically sound manufacturing process.

Poron® ReSource Cushioning
Developed using a renewable soy-based polyol that replaces over 45% of the petroleum-based polyols. Free of latex, PVC, VOCs and heavy metals. Rogers Corporation, the manufacturer of Poron®, has adopted ISO 14001, an international framework for environmental management systems.

About Blake

Blake Brody, creator of Blake Brody® In-Studio Footwear® and Founder of Blake Brody LLC

A dedicated Pilates, barre and yoga enthusiast, Blake Brody designs and manufactures innovative products that embody wellness, movement and luxury, Her In-Studio Footwear® line, launched in Spring 2010, is made to be used exclusively during studio classes and introduced a new category of indoor performance footwear. Since the launch of In-Studio Footwear®, the Blake Brody® brand has become synonymous with what Blake describes as its “Beautiful Performance” appeal.

In-Studio Footwear® is designed to supply traction in order to prevent slips and falls, while allowing the foot, ankle and toes to maintain their natural range of movements and sensitivity to the ground. In-Studio Footwear® has been well received by the wellness industry and currently retails in spas and studios throughout the country and internationally.

Blake Brody’s new introduction of her ballerina shoes extends her existing focus on beautifully made, stylish, performance footwear to outdoor shoes with a luxe appeal and hidden performance features. Blake has a Marketing degree from Georgetown University and has spent a large portion of her professional career in the fashion apparel manufacturing industry, a business her family has been in for the past 40 years. Blake’s professional background in business and fashion, her entrepreneurial spirit, and her love for and extensive knowledge of fitness and movement makes her the ideal creator for Blake Brody® products.

Blake Brody lives in New York City with her husband, daughter, and dog, and splits her regular workouts between Pilates, barre and yoga. As a vegetarian, Blake has chosen to use only environmentally- conscious and humane (vegan) materials that do not include any animal products or toxic chemicals, in all of her products.